Food For Thought

For those of you who don’t already feel bad for me. Here is a bit of information that might help. My household has eaten 32 poptarts since Tuesday morning. You heard correctly in 4 days! I hope science isn’t to far away on that poptart tree (hahaha). It is definitely time for us to start raising chickens (the boys will go through a dozen eggs in one morning). And does everyone understand that this will only get worse. They will one day be teenage boys. I think I need to start asking for donations now. Just kidding, but really how does that many poptarts get eaten in 4 days.

Brandi this is for you. Link to my Etsy shop is

And did I mention that there is no school again today.


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The Speckled Tulip

That’s right The Speckled Tulip is the name of my shop. I only have 2 things listed as of now. I hope to have time this weekend to make and list several more. I’m super excited about it. My husband doesn’t think it will last long, as I tend to get bored with things pretty easily. But I think if I’m making a little bit of money, I won’t get bored as easily. We’ll see. I should be making stuff right now, so I’m going to cut it short for today.

Oh, and family and close friends should email directly if they wish to make a purchase and I’ll sell to them at half price.

By the way this is day number three the kids have been out of school for ice and snow. We’re all going a little bit mad having to stay couped up in the house.  They boys are fighting non stop. Oh time to go break them up again.

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Crafty name

Okay so, I have decided to take Savannah’s advice and put some of my crafts (hand-painted hair pins and headbands and maybe one day the scarfs I just learned to knit) on Before I start putting stuff on, I have to come up with a seller name (store name in a sense). I want it to be something that won’t be easily forgotten. I was browsing through some of the seller names last night and the only ones I remember today are Elephant Fairy and Squid Sense. The fact that I only remember those two, lead me to believe I have read entirely to many children’s books. Or perhaps I have a thing for animals. I’m not sure. Anyway just wanted to know if anyone has any bright ideas. I’m gonna spend this coming week getting my crafts together, so I’d like to have a name by next weekend. I’ll keep everyone posted on my final decision.

Oh and yes I am still working on project Merlot.

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Back to Merlot

My morning has been fairly uneventful. I got Paxton and Cameron dropped off at school and Me and Ethon went to visit Mom for a bit. She watched Ethon while I went to the store to get E some nishoes (tissues). I am now at home and fixing to take another crack at painting my utility room. Darn that brick wall. My indoor paint will just not stick to it. I guess it is confused paint, because the wall is inside. Oh me. So anyway it looks like I am going to have to slather the wall with drywall mud and wait for that to dry and then try all over again. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? Now I’m just wasting time. I better get to it.

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I was going to begin this blog with some stories of my small town life or crazy little boys.  But in light of what happened last night, I decided I should tell a different tale.

I got home with the boys at about 5 last night. I saw that Zach was out in our back field with his chainsaw, but that is a usual site for me to see. So me and the boys went in the house. About an hour later my husband came in holding his head and walking slowly. The closer he got the more red I saw. There was blood everywhere. After I failed at an attempt to clean the wound with our detachable shower head over the tub, I decided it was time for him to go to the ER. He ended up getting 4 staples in his head. And for those of you who know him well, know that he did go to work today.  Here is the story of how a trip to the ER for staples came about.

Zach successfully cut down 2 trees, and was working on the third. It fell over but was sitting up so high on the branches that the trunk was parallel to the ground and at head level. He was cutting the branches in a way that should have made the tree fall in the opposite direction of him. It fell away from him, but some of the branches acted like a spring causing the tree to come back at him. He remembers ducking and then looking around. When he looked around he realized the chainsaw that was on when the tree came at him was somehow off and sitting on his legs and he has no idea how his hat and ipod headphones got off his head. I think in that few seconds he doesn’t remember, he was being taken care of.

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Today I will begin the task of painting my utility room. Which means I will have to clean it thoroughly before I begin. That part I am not looking forward to. The color I am painting it is called Merlot. I will post a picture when I finish.

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